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winther post card – pink winter sky


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Winter to spring fox


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Backside o f post card -winter to spring fox


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The illustrations Tao & Lao are illustration posters sold with frame in three different sizes. They are made with black ink and watercolor. They convey the new spring and the happyness and forgotten memories. Link,to BOLIA SHOP: Press here

skotlander rom_rum_logo
SKOTLANDER RUM – Danish rum. I handdraw the wild boar for logo brand.
SKOTLANDER RUM – Danish rum. I handdraw wild boar for the logo the brand.
SKOTLANDER RUM – Danish rum. I illustrated wild pig in the logo for the brand Skotlander.

skotlander, pig, wild boar, rum, rom, alkohol, label, icon, white rum, brown rum, theres junker, theresa juncker, denmark, danmark,

Editorial illustration.
Editorial illustration. – Black and White Stribes


collection-of-..drink-in-a-bag-web, cat, drink, stripes, black, white, ink, soap, snake, atom, pink, art, collage, thailand, hotel, king, spirit, budda, atom, artist, art
Illustration: ” collection of …Drink in a bag”.


wild-whale-and-stripes-red.web-giff, tassels, soft, gallery, ferm living, bolia, designer, artist, art, pastel, england, wild life, twigs,birdhouse, knife, candle, bow, ireland, norway, art, ligthhouse,
Illustration: ” Collection of…wild-whale-and-stripes”


, king ,thailand ,soft gallery, ferm living, Darling-blue-ny-web, art, dog, forgive, kindness, braid, cut, bears claws, birketræer, birk, trees, tooth, darling, dentist tools, pain, love
Illlustration: Collection of…Darling-blue.


collection-of-summernights-web, art, denmark, british, summer, hunting, england, riding, houseback, empire, bolia, ferm living, vogue, karl lagerfeld, artist, design, designer house, skull, cake, slug, cat, miav, diamond, diamant, collage, ink, bullet,
Illustration: Collection of… summer nights.

collection-of-babe-ligth-pink-web, cat, love, brazil, plastic surgery, editorial, tucan,art, artist, jungle, look, style, ferm living, bolia, soft gallery, mini rodini, leopard , foot, pineapple, fire, sex, tassels, woodo, native
Illustration: Collection of…Babe ligth pink.


asia-Green-samlet, green tea, japan, asia, pine, umbrella pine, spirit, animation, lillies, lilly, tiger, red panda, bunny, cute, nature
Illustration: Collection of…shades of green tea.

ICECREAM-JUNGLEPRINT, icecream, is, danmark, summer, warm, eu, scandinavian designer, art, artist, sommer, leopard, street, streetart, wild, yellow, pink, black, ink, cute, japan, fun


Illustration: Selflove. muffin, strawberry, jordbær, sun, sol, slik, candy, japan, street art, graffi, straws
Illustration: ice cream muffin top.


Illustration:Spirit house of love, dark, ink, japan, cute, mummi, mummitroldene, tove janson, leopard, print, love, nigthmare, animation
Illustration: Spirit house of love.


beaver best quality welcome pastel, wod, japan, canada, thank you, card, bill, green, green farming, save the world, smile, ink
Beaver illustration by Theresa Junker

gren, mint, pastel, save the world, wood, street art, beaver, odder, bæver, illustration, tegning, danmarks designs skole, danish, thai, art, smile, thank you card, claws, fur, tecture, blink, tail, animal, wood animals,

 Illustration: Collection of...Austrian deligth, love, bees, save the bees, tooth, d, pin, posion, gift, cuuucho, japan, mountains, art, design
Illustration: Collection of…Austrian deligth.


Illustration bear and fox with a saw, nature, japan, sweden, mummi, into the wild, childerens illustration, book, fabel, black forrest, intenior,
Illustration bear and fox with a saw.


babedrop-pink Illustration: Babe, tears, cry, melt, japan, thailand, tare, water, stars, ink, weet, brooken, lonely, dead
Illustration: Babe.


IIllustration: Sailor cucuo, poseidon, greek, wawes, love, time, compass, lost, home, storm, eye, water god
IIllustration: Sailor cucuo.


Illustration: wolf with chesnuts, happy, joyfull, wolf, children, kids, wood, yellow, both gender, japan, animation, drawing, female, shark, claws
Illustration: wolf with chesnuts.


Illustration: wildpig/ wild boar by Theresa Junker, pig, bat, story, bedtime, picture, fabel, intenior, kids, children, art, lamp, design, animation, japan, sweden, denmark
Illustration: wildpig/ wild boar.


Illustration: animal fabel pattern, cat, kitten, japan, super cute, animal , spirit, interoíor, design, denmark, animation, native, pole,
Illustration: Animal fabel pattern.


Illustration Bogpig. fabel, yellow, pastel, art, design, denmark, japan, animation, scandinavian, dirt, mulvarp, mosegris, hipster, cute,
Illustration Bogpig.


Illustration: Catlove. mothers love
Illustration: Catlove. mothers love


Illustration: Hermes. hermelin, fabel, design, ink, art, interior, denmark, japan, scandinavian, tools, drill, wood, love, kids, children, decorating,


Illustration, fox, hermelin, fabel, design, ink, art, interior, denmark, japan, scandinavian, tools, drill, wood, love, kids, children, decorating,
Illustration: Fox sleep.


Illustration, fox, hermelin, fabel, design, ink, art, interior, denmark, japan, scandinavian, tools, drill, wood, love, kids, children, decorating,
Illustration: Fox sleep.
Illustration: Fox on pole. scandinavian, design, art, children, native, wood, fox, intenior, japan, hipster, more love, forgive, fox hunt, treasure,
Illustration: Fox on pole.
Illustration: Bogpig with dandilon, flowers, hipster, pig, cute, animal, scandinavian, design, mature, japan, animation, kids, children,
Illustration: Bogpig with dandilon.
 Illustration: Bagder, pole, love, native, scandinavian, japan, spirit, wood, ink, art, design, denmark, pastel, green
Illustration: Bagder.
Illustration: Zebra, denmark, scandinavian, design, designer, art, intenior, kids, children, stripes, hot, sesductive, editorial, socks, knit, horse, animation, pastel,yellow,
Illustration: Zebra.

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